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My name is Doug Horn, a Kansas City area Accident Injury Lawyer, who has devoted his entire legal career to helping injured people maximize insurance settlements. Although I concentrate in cases arising from car, truck, and motorcycle collisions, our law firm has a track record of success in a wide-variety of personal injury claims.

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Lead Attorney Doug Horn has a
track record of success in
representing crash victims
who have suffered serious
injury or wrongful death.
Doug Horn is ready to
help put you on the
road to recovery.

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Distracted Driving

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When Horn Law is called upon to help a person who has been injured, our first priority is to resolve the issues that require immediate attention. We want to make sure our client is receiving the best possible medical care, the insurance claims are properly filed, the accident investigation is complete, and the evidence is being preserved. In the initial consultation, we explain the “ins and outs” of the insurance claim process and explain how we will obtain a fair & full settlement that will fully compensate our client. After we have a complete understanding of the facts and circumstances surrounding the accident injury, we can initiate legal representation. In most cases a highly qualified personal injury lawyer is necessary to insure the settlement is large enough to cover the client’s medical bills, lost income, and all of their personal losses. Although we hope you find this website informative, you should not select a law firm to handle your personal injury case without first meeting directly with the lawyer who will be handling your case. At Horn Law, expect to meet with Lead Injury Attorney Doug Horn who will be responsible for your case.

Serious Injury and Wrongful Death Cases

Personal Injury Attorneys Doug Horn & Laurie Del Percio have a track record of success in cases involving serious injury and death, including:

    Work & Industrial Accidents
    Catastrophic Injuries
    CarTruck and Motorcycle Accidents
    Accidents Involving Children
    Pharmacy Mistakes/Medication Errors
    Nursing Home Neglect
    Nursing Errors/Hospital Liability

Distracted Driving Accidents


Horn Law Lawyers Douglas Horn and Laurie DelPercio represent people injured by distracted drivers, including drivers who are using cell phones and cause an accident.

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