Kansas City Car Accident Lawyer

Kansas City Car Accident Lawyer

Kansas City’s Crash Lawyer

Horn Law’s Lead Attorney is Douglas R. Horn. Mr. Horn has over 20 years of experience in a wide variety of motor vehicle accidents cases, including auto, truck, and motorcycle collisions that result in serious injury and wrongful death.

Track Record

$1.5 million for couple struck by driver who failed to stop at a stop sign

$375,000 for injuries suffered in an auto accident

$325,000 for injuries suffered in an auto accident

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Horn has a special concentration in handling car accidents caused by drunk, distracted, and dangerous drivers.

We offer a full-scale of services to help our clients through these difficult times:
As a crash lawyer, Horn is available for free legal consultation which will cover 5 basic areas:

1. Investigation Issues. Horn can obtain the official police report in order to determine what type of additional investigation may need to be done. In many cases, Horn will retain an independent investigator or an accident re-construction expert who is trained in the important aspects of crash investigation.As a crash lawyer, Horn is available for free legal consultation which will cover 5 basic areas.

2. Insurance Coverages. The insurance coverages in crash cases can be complex. Horn can determine all of the auto policies that may come into effect, but we also can provide legal consultation related to other claims and avenues of recovery.

3. Legal Claims & Avenues of Recovery. Because a car accident victim is entitled to only one settlement or recovery, it is important for Horn to be diligent in sorting out the legal claims and uncovering avenues of recovery. Horn Law has a high ethical duty to not only reach a settlement or recovery that is in the best interests of the client, but that the settlement or recovery be maximized to account for past, present, and future damages.

4. Injury Assessment. Although the medical records will form the foundation of the injury assessment, high consideration must also be given to the causation of the injury and to securing the medical proof. For example, in a case involving an orthopedic  injury, it might be necessary for Horn Law to obtain a highly qualified medical expert who can provide evidence of the entire range of damages, including the short and long-term effects of the injury.

5. Maximum Case Value. While it is not possible to fully evaluate an injury claim at the outset, it is important that the legal work start immediately toward setting solid   foundations that support maximum case value. By evaluating the case early, Horn Law can anticipate the evidence that will be necessary to support maximum case value. For instance, in some cases, where the injuries result in permanent disability, maximum case value can only be obtained through reliance upon special experts trained in evaluating a client’s needs after they have reached maximum medical improvement.

Additionally, there are investigation items that also may have a bearing on maximum case value. For instance, investigation of the accident scene, witness statements, photo evidence, and other information (driving records, 911 tapes, etc.) may be crucial in establishing maximum case value.

Horn Law offers you a free investigation. Legal consultation, case assessments, and examinations from an experienced personal injury attorney are important when you are working with insurance claim agents or other insurance company representative. Contact Horn Law at 816-795-7500 free of charge for legal consultation.


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