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Medical errors create serious personal injuries that result in devastating consequences for the patient and his or her family. The substantial damage, in terms of financial impact and the life-changing circumstances, make legal investigation and consultation imperative where a medical or medication error is suspected.

Medical Error Cases Are Complex

Medical error cases are complicated by the fact that doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other medical personnel are usually slow to admit a mistake. Further, even those in the medical profession, who are operating in the patient’s best interest, seldom will criticize another medical professional’s care or treatment. Therefore, in order to make a fair and full recovery from an instance of medical malpractice, patients need an attorney who has a track record of success in medical negligence claims and is prepared to invest his or her full professional abilities, experience, skills, and resources into the case.

Medical Error Cases Are Becoming Epidemic

In our experience, we find that the root cause of medical error, that results in serious injury or death, is someone responsible for the patient’s care and treatment was not paying proper attention. Even though medical professionals are highly trained, errors happen when people try to move too fast or multi-task. In several recent cases, we have also found that proper policies, procedures, and protocols, were not in place to protect patients. Because hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies know that to err is human, it is important, especially in this day and age when speed takes precedent over protection, that we find the real cause of the error. Not only does this substantially benefit our clients, but it improves the delivery of medical care for the entire community.

Medical Error Cases Demand Highly Competent Legal Consultation

Based on the above, early legal consultation and investigation are vital in a potential case of medical negligence. It is very important that the case be thoroughly investigated in order that an initial determination can be made as to what legal action is necessary. In addition to obtaining all relevant medical records and reports, medical malpractice attorneys need to be concerned with identifying all of the medical professionals and facilities that were responsible for the medical error. Quite often, several different parties may have had a hand in contributing to the medical malpractice. For instance, in a hospital medication mistake case, both the hospital pharmacist and the hospital nursing staff may share the blame for the resulting error in the administration of a certain medication.

Medical Malpractice Cases Handled By Horn Law

Our law firm can only take on a medical error case when we are confident that we can substantially benefit our client. We are accepting referrals regarding the following types of cases:

Most Common Types of Medical Errors Handled By Horn Law

Although a majority of our medical error cases involve medication or pharmacy error, the following is a list of other types of medical error cases we have handled during the last fifteen (15) years:

  • Medical error because of communication failure
  • Medical error due to inattention
  • Medical error because of mis-diagnosis
  • Medical error because of failure to properly interpret diagnostic test results
  • Medical error due to lab mistakes
  • Medical error due to failure to follow recognized protocols/procedures

Preventing Medical Errors

If you think you, a family member, or a friend has been the victim of a medical or medication error, it is important that you seek legal consultation and advice. Recent studies show that about 70% of reported medical errors are deemed preventable. The same study also showed that 6% of medical errors were potentially preventable. These statistics reveal that the large majority of medical errors could have been prevented.

When we are successful, from our client’s standpoint, it helps them recover past, present, and future damages. From a community standpoint, it is important that legal action be aggressively pursued so it will encourage medical providers to implement policies, procedures, advanced training, and technological improvements such that preventable medical errors will be avoided in the future. If you or a loved one was injured as a result of medical negligence, contact our Kansas City medical malpractice attorneys today for a free consultation.

Contact Horn Law at 795-7500. After initial telephone consultation, Lead Attorney Douglas Horn can provide an initial case evaluation. Horn Law can also provide free investigations. Legal consultation, case evaluation, and investigations from an experienced injury lawyer are vital in any case where you are dealing with insurance claim adjusters or other insurance company representatives.