Motorcycle Accident Causes Serious Injuries

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Over the past 20 years, Horn Law has concentrated in representing motorcyclists and their families in regards to claims for serious injuries or wrongful death. Riding a motorcycle carries a more pronounced risk because motorcycles are more difficult to see. We handle many cases where a driver is not using the highest degree of care and will pull out in front of an oncoming motorcycle. Commonly, these types of motorcycle accidents happen at intersections where a car is making a left hand turn.

Most motorcycle accidents result in serious injuries or death because the cyclist is propelled off the bike. It is common for us to represent motorcycle drivers and passengers who have suffered life changing injuries, such as head and brain injuries, injuries causing fractures, and injuries requiring hospitalizations and long courses of rehabilitation.

A recent case handled by Horn Law involved serious injuries to a man riding on a state highway within the city limits. The man was nearly killed when a truck tried to make a left hand turn in front of the on coming motorcycle. The Kansas City Police Department invested the accident scene. It was determined that our client tried to make an evasive maneuver in order to avoid hitting the truck. Our independent investigation confirmed that there were no obstacles to the truck driver’s vision. This was a case where the truck driver was not using the highest degree of care in the operation of his truck. While all drivers owe a high duty of care, commercial drivers are expected to be especially careful. The truck driver was cited with inattentive driving.  The motorcyclist was not cited.

In these cases, it is always important to investigate the possibility of the truck driver being distracted by a cell phone, navigation device, or some other kind of activity not essential to driving. Truck drivers are now prohibited by federal law from using a cell phone while driving, but some companies encourage their drivers to multi-task while driving and this can easily cause inattention.

In most motorcycle collisions, an accident reconstruction expert is necessary in order to confirm what actions the motorcyclist took in order to avoid the opposing vehicle.

In addition to liability experts, we also retained an expert who testified as to the traumatic injuries and our client’s long term medical needs.  Almost all motorcycle accident victims face substantial medical expense, income loss, mobility loss, pain, suffering, disability, emotional anguish, distress, and loss of enjoyment of life. Because there is only recovery, it is our responsibility to make sure we maximize the recovery to the greatest extent.

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