Helping Head Injury Victims Fully Recover in Insurance Claims

If you or someone you know has suffered a head injury, you know that can result in serious consequences. Even minor head injuries can traumatize the brain resulting in the loss of mental/physical function and significantly diminishing the victim’s quality of life. Continue reading “Helping Head Injury Victims Fully Recover in Insurance Claims”

Friend of Horn Law Advancing Cure for ALS

              Friend of Horn Law Advancing Cure for ALS Here I am with my friend and neighbor, Larry Vilmer. Even though Larry was diagnosed with ALS last year, and the disease progression has occurred, his good nature, kindness, and high spirits have been so encouraging to many in the Kansas City community that are raising funds to help find a cure for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), also known commonly as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Continue reading “Friend of Horn Law Advancing Cure for ALS”

More Tips for Hiring The Right Personal Injury Lawyer

The general rule is that if your injury requires hospitalization and/or rehabilitation treatment (physical therapy, chiropractic care) legal representation is going to be substantially beneficial in reaching a fair and full settlement in your claim. Continue reading “More Tips for Hiring The Right Personal Injury Lawyer”

Kansas City Crash Lawyer Doug Horn Proposes New Method To Curb Distracted Drivers

Attorney Doug Horn likes to say that he has had both a front row seat and a bird’s eye view of the distracted driving epidemic that is gripping America’s roadways. His perspective comes from over 25 years of providing legal representation to people who have been seriously injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents.

Earlier this week, on KSHB, Horn’s distracted driving prevention program was profiled by Reporter Cynthia Newsome. Unlike traditional efforts to reduce distracted driving, Horn’s program encourages motorists to protect themselves against distracted drivers by driving alert, buckled, cautious, and defensive. Horn gave further explanation, “by urging drivers to adopt safe driving habits, we not only hope to reduce accidents, but also help elevate the driving culture”.

Horn has been involved in efforts to advance driver safety since 2009. He has developed a driving safety communications platform called “Drive By Example”. Currently, he is in the process of looking for driving safety partnerships to help reverse a significant increase in traffic fatality trends in Missouri. Along with distracted driving prevention, Horn also has programs designed for teen driver protection and safe driving programs for corporations and businesses.

Independence, Missouri Lawyer Develops Program To Help Reduce Accidents On Missouri’s Rural Roads

People who live in rural areas of Missouri know that there is not much room for error on the county and state highway roads that cris-cross Missouri. Accidents are on the rise and many blame the significant change in the driving culture. As drivers continue to drive aggressively, more distracted, and more impatient, traffic safety experts are saying that all of us are facing a “new universe of roadway risk”, however the highest risks for a violent collision are on Missouri’s rural roads. Continue reading “Independence, Missouri Lawyer Develops Program To Help Reduce Accidents On Missouri’s Rural Roads”

What is the Difference Between an Average and a Very Good Settlement in an Injury Claim?

The reason this is an important question is because, typically, an injured person is entitled to only one insurance settlement in their personal injury claim. This means that injured persons with claims must be careful and cautious when considering a offer to settle a personal injury case. This is where legal consultation can be helpful. Here is how I approach it when people call me for an evaluation of their claim.   Continue reading “What is the Difference Between an Average and a Very Good Settlement in an Injury Claim?”

What is “Pain & Suffering”?

In the context of a injury claim, “pain & suffering” commonly refers to the compensation an injured person deserves for their pain, hurt, and discomfort that is brought on by a traumatic injury. Quite simply, pain & suffering represents a category of damages that is set aside to account for the non-economic damages an injured person has incurred. In this regard, as a description of non-economic damages, it is a very important element in the fair and full settlement of any injury claim. Continue reading “What is “Pain & Suffering”?”