Home & Hospital Consultations

Horn Law has a track record of success in representing people who have suffered a serious, disabling injury. If you or a family member have been seriously injured to the point of being confined in a hospital bed or at home, our law firm is prepared to provide immediate help. Immediate help is critically important in setting the foundation for the best possible legal recovery. Read below for specifics.

Early Legal Consultation

To schedule immediate legal consultation with Lead Attorney Doug Horn, please call 816-795-7500 during normal business hours. After hours or on weekends, please use the chat function on this website.

Legal Consultation with Horn Law is always free of charge and can easily be arranged to suit the convenience of the injured person. In order to set the foundations for the best possible legal recovery, it is important our legal team get to work as soon as possible.

Early legal consultation gives us an opportunity to understand basic facts, begin investigations, secure important evidence, and handle the immediate insurance, medical, and other vital issues that arise from a crash, a work-related accident, or another event that causes serious personal injury.

Accident Investigations

An important first step of early legal consultation is to begin a complete investigation of the events that led to a serious injury. The initial investigation will allow us to secure the vital evidence that is necessary to obtain the best possible settlement and legal recovery.

Even if you are in the hospital or confined at home recovering, we can perform important work right away, including:

  • Obtaining Official Accident Reports
  • Obtaining Witness Statements
  • Initiating Private Investigations
  • Securing Important Evidence
  • Obtaining Photographic/Video Evidence
  • Making Fault Determinations

Insurance Investigations

It is vital in any personal injury case that the insurance claim process is initiated as soon as possible. When we meet with our potential client and their family members at the home or in the hospital, we can be authorized to perform the following:

  • Reporting Insurance Claims
  • Initiating the Claim Process with the Insurance Company(s)
  • Handling the Claim Adjuster(s)
  • Determining Insurance Coverages
  • Providing Information to Advance the Claim Process

Medical Investigations

While your physical recovery is paramount, the legal recovery will largely depend upon the medical evidence. In addition to obtaining all of the emergency medical records, reports, and bills, legal consultation allows us to assemble the medical evidence. Here is what is crucial to developing a strong case.

  • Initial Diagnosis/Prognosis
  • Medical Objectives
  • Traumatic Injury Preservation of Evidence (photos)
  • Rehabilitation Objectives
  • Medical Witness Statements/Interviews
  • Prior Medical History Review
  • Treating Doctor Reports/Opinions
  • Expert Medical reports/Opinions
  • Medical Bills Payment Issues

Obtaining a Fair and Full Recovery

Early legal consultation at home or in the hospital can make a big difference in obtaining a fair and full legal recovery. While your “medical recovery” is the first priority, the legal recovery is all about a fair and full settlement or award to fully reimburse the injured person for his or her damages.

Because an injured person is normally entitled to only one legal recovery, the injury settlement and/or award must be sufficient to cover

All Medical Expenses (past, present, and future expenses)

All Income Loss (past, present, and future loss of earnings) All Personal Losses, including loss of household services

Continuing Loss of Health, including the longer-term effects of the injury  Continuing Loss of Quality of Life, including longer-term interference with daily life

Legal Representation

During the early legal consultation, a decision can be made be if legal representation is going to be substantially beneficial to the injured person and their family.

In the event Horn Law is retained, it is important to know that any attorney fees will be calculated based upon a contingency attorney fee contract. In short, a contingency attorney fee means that an attorney fee is only charged if the attorney is successful in obtaining a settlement or collecting on an award in the case.

This is an arrangement that greatly helps out an injured person because there are no up­ front fees or costs that are the the responsibility of the client. The attorney fee only is applicable when a settlement is recovered.

It is also important to note that attorneys are governed by a special code of ethics concerning the handling of any case. While there are many different ethical standards that relate to the legal representation of a seriously injured person, it is important to know that Horn Law has a responsibility to devote our full professional abilities and resources in order to serve the best interests of our client.