Kansas City Car Accident Lawyer

Over the last 25 years, Lead Attorney Doug Horn has concentrated his law practice in representing persons injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents. In addition to his Kansas City Metro practice, Horn regularly handles cases on rural and county roads, state highways, and major interstates. Horn’s concentration of motor vehicle accident cases includes:

Handling cases in Missouri, Kansas, and throughout the Midwest, Horn Law is a “rapid response” law firm with a track record of success in a wide variety of car, truck, and motorcycle collisions. This includes car accident cases caused by distracted, aggressive, or drivers who do not have auto insurance coverage.

In addition to maximizing insurance settlements, Horn also helps his clients with property damage/rental car claims, medical treatment options, health insurance considerations, and a number of other issues that arise as part of an accident claim.

Horn urges victims of an accident, both drivers and passengers, to take advantage of legal consultation before talking to the adverse driver’s insurance company or claim adjuster.

Free Consultations

Horn Law’s free legal consultations cover 5 basic areas:

1. Investigation. At the initial meeting, we identify things that need to be done to secure important evidence, including accident-related photos/videos, witness statements, and adverse driver information. While the official police report is helpful, legal investigation is almost always necessary.

2. Insurance Coverages. The insurance issues in crash cases can be complex. Horn will determine all of the different insurance coverages that are applicable in order that his clients obtain a fair and full recovery. This includes cases involving an uninsured or under-insured driver.

3. Legal Claims & Recovery. Because a car accident victim is entitled to only one settlement, it is important that we uncover all possible avenues of recovery. We have a high duty to handle a car accident case that not only is in the best interests of the client, but also maximizes the client’s recovery to account for all past, present, and future damages.

4. Injury Assessment. At the initial consultation, we can make an assessment of the nature and extent of the injury. This is important in order that we can have insurance company adjusters set proper reserves in the case to account for the past, present, and the potential future effects of the injury, including loss of health, mobility, and quality of life claims.

5. Case Value Consultation. While it is not possible to fully evaluate a car accident injury claim at the outset, it is important that our client understand how we will advance his or her case in order that it can be resolved for the highest amount. By evaluating the case early, we can anticipate the necessary legal work to support a maximum case value. The bottom line is that a client should walk away from the initial consultation with complete confidence that the lawyer and law firm is fully dedicated to obtaining the best possible result.

6. Locations. In addition to our home office in Independence, we offer 3 other consultation offices for client convenience. For clients who can not travel, Lead Attorney Doug Horn offers home and hospital visits at no charge.