Serious injury: Selecting the Right Lawyer

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Back To School: Doug Horn Finds A Niche at Lutheran High School of Kansas City


Doug Horn would like to publicly thank the Lutheran High School of Kansas City and Mr. Lee Rudzinsky for providing him the opportunity to spend several hours with Rudzinsky’s American Government class last Wednesday morning.

Horn, who has already launched his “Drive By Example” driving safety campaign at Lutheran High, presented an American history lesson to a group of 20 students.  “We were able to cover a lot of ground, I hope the students gained an appreciation of our Constitution and how our federal government has evolved over the years”, Horn said.

Horn’s presentation centered on the expansion of the federal government during the 20th century. Using FDR’s New Deal and LBJ’s Great Society as examples, Horn taught on how federal government has expanded to help respond to both economic and social crisis. “The students were able to make a connection between the past and present. They understand how the federal government reacts in times of trouble”.

Horn also reserved time for a driving safety message. “We always preach to “drive by example”, Horn commented. Today at LHS we taught the kids, that really means to drive alert, buckled, and cautious. To support his safety message, Horn planted a sign on the campus exit road as a reminder. Horn added, “I am always grateful for an opportunity to help protect young people”.


Kansas City Car Accident Lawyer Expanding Efforts To Protect Teen Drivers

With his “Drive By Example” driving safety program in place, Attorney Doug Horn is preparing to make a bigger impact in protecting teen drivers. Since 2009, Horn has been dedicating a substantial amount of his time and resources to keeping driver safety high on the public consciousness. Now, Horn is focusing more of his attention on teen drivers in an effort to substantially reduce the types of crashes that cause serious injury and roadway fatalities.

“From a public safety perspective, I believe it is vital that we implement sustained driving safety campaigns in our high schools. Using the “Drive By Example” platform in the high school, we can make a big difference in protecting teenagers”, Horn said.

Horn’s mission is to influence students to adopt the safe driving habits and behaviors that protect themselves, their passengers, and others on the road. The core message connected with “Drive By Example” is to drive alert, buckled, and cautious. “All drivers have a duty to exercise the highest degree of care while driving. We teach teen drivers the strategies they can use to stay safe on the road”.

Because Horn’s law firm underwrites the cost to implement “Drive By Example” in area schools, the program is affordable and easy to integrate across entire school systems. High school administrators or other officials who are interested in “Drive By Example” can visit for more information.

Teaching Assignments Helping Horn Become A More Complete Lawyer


During 2015, Douglas R. Horn, who concentrates his practice in personal injury law and litigation, was privileged to serve as a faculty member for the National Business Institute (NBI), an organization that provides continuing legal education for licensed attorneys.

In May, Horn was part of several attorneys who lectured, via video webcast, to a national audience of practicing attorneys. Horn spoke and presented material on personal injury mediation and settlement. This topic area generated considerable interest, as greater numbers of personal injury cases are being referred to mediation.

In November, Horn participated on a distinguished panel of brain injury lawyers in NBI’s “Plaintiff’s Guide to Proving Brain Injury”. This subject matter was right in Horn’s wheelhouse as he has devoted much of his work over the past 25 years to representing victims of head injuries, including persons who have suffered mild, moderate, and severe traumatic brain injury.

“Providing continuing legal education for lawyers is challenging. In addition to time spent preparing for the webcast, a presenter has an obligation to provide practical information they can use right away in helping attorneys to prepare their cases”, Horn stated. Lawyers from across the nation depend upon these seminars to not only sharpen their legal skills, but also to meet continuing legal education responsibilities under state laws.

Horn hopes for more opportunities to lecture in the area of personal injury law. “I really enjoy my teaching opportunities. My hope is that those attorneys who attend these types of presentations will gain something that can help them provide better representation to their clients”, Horn remarked.


Minor Accidents Have Major Consequences

Horn Law - Kansas City Personal Injury AttorneyMinor auto accidents tend to leave people feeling relieved. It is a common misconception that if you walk away feeling okay, there is no need to pursue any legal or medical follow-up. However, it is surprisingly common for injuries from simple fender benders to manifest days, weeks, or even months later. Even if you feel no initial pain and your vehicle was not seriously damaged, you should report the incident to your insurance company immediately. Knowing what delayed symptoms to be aware of and scheduling a preventative medical exam can provide you with invaluable medical treatment and legal documentation.

Take Action

Dealing with insurance agencies and doctor’s appointments can be a hassle. Many people choose not to proceed with post-accident protocol. However, following through with these chores after a minor accident is an extremely important step in safeguarding any hidden physical or legal repercussions. The energy you spend on it now can save time and money in the future. Here are some tips:

  • Consider hiring an attorney, even if you haven’t yet experienced any physical issues. Personal injury lawyers are trained to understand the insurance landscape. They have extensive experience communicating with insurance companies, and they recognize when a company is undervaluing your claim, or offering less compensation than you may be entitled to. Attorneys will also ensure that the insurance agent is not misinterpreting the law.
  • Investigate possible physical signs and symptoms of common car accident injuries. Be hyper-vigilant in recognizing any pain or abnormal sensation in your body. Consult your physician and discuss the need for radiographs to reveal any hidden issues. Take pictures of any superficial bruises or cuts. When speaking with your claims adjuster, always mention even the slightest physical symptoms. Any kind of documentation will provide evidence to protect your legal rights throughout the aftermath of the accident.
  • Legislation dictates how much time you have to file a lawsuit after an accident. Understanding this time frame based on your particular circumstances will help you avoid complacency and stay motivated to legally follow through. It is vital to know your statute of limitations. When this period ends, if you neglect to act you will have forfeited your legal rights.

Head and Neck Injuries

Head and neck injuries are well-known for their delayed symptoms. Whiplash is one of the most common physical ailments suffered after a minor accident. The small muscles, tendons, and ligaments connecting the spinal cord to the bones of the head and shoulders are extremely sensitive to overextension. Any unexpected jolt can cause the spine to misalign, resulting in pain, stiffness, or numbness in the neck and shoulders. Headaches emanating from the base of the skull are another symptom of whiplash.

Knee Injuries

The knee is also susceptible to damage from a simple fender bender. The same issue regarding small and sensitive muscles, tendons, and ligaments makes the mechanics of the knee vulnerable to overextension. A sudden twisting action can cause misalignment of the small bones and cartilage. Another common knee injury is a meniscus tear, which has a particularly extended healing period.

Horn Law – Personal Injury Lawyers

Even a minor accident can lead to chronic pain and overwhelming medical expenses. If you have been involved in any type of motor vehicle accident, Horn Law can examine the details of your case to ensure that your insurance company is not undervaluing your claim. Our attorneys have decades of experience with personal injury litigation. We serve Independence, Kansas City Crown Center, and the Midwest. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Tire Safety Prevents Accidents

Tire Safety Prevents Accidents

Tire safetyAccording to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), under-inflated and over-inflated tires severely increase the risk of accident and injury. Hydroplaning in wet conditions, skidding, and losing control are all results of improperly inflated tires. In addition, they can have an adverse affect on your vehicle’s overall fuel economy.

Newer cars and trucks are all equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems, which are now required by law. These systems are able to detect when a tire is more than 25 percent below its recommended level of inflation. However, using a tire pressure monitoring system as a substitute for routine maintenance can lead to disaster. Even highly effective monitors cannot detect all tire maintenance issues. Their sole purpose is to alert you when tires are improperly inflated. Poor sidewalls and tread can be equally dangerous. Below is a list of tips to help you keep your tires in the safest possible condition.

Tire Safety Tips

  • Perform tire pressure self-checks. While under-inflation is the most common tire safety issue, over-inflation can be just as hazardous, as over-inflated tires tend to wear unevenly. Improperly inflated tires may handle poorly and cause overheating, which can result in a dangerous blow-out. The average tire loses approximately one pound per square inch of pressure for every 10 degree temperature drop. They also naturally lose air over time. In fact, all-season tires can have a pressure loss of as much as 13 pounds per square inch annually.  Make sure to check your tire pressure every month, even if you have a monitoring system. Perform the self-check when your vehicle and tires are cool. Read the vehicle’s placard and make sure the tires match the recommended pressure.
  • Check the tread and sidewalls. Cuts, gashes, and bulges are signs of future failure. If you notice this kind of damage, replace the tires. You can use a tread-depth gauge to check your tread. Uneven wear may be the result of misaligned wheels or worn suspension. Tires should be rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles to balance the wear and tear between the front and rear of the vehicle.
  • All four tires should be replaced at the same time. Although it may seem logical to only replace two tires if the others appear safe, this can be risky. For example, if you replace only the front tires, it increases the risk of fishtailing. Alternatively, if you replace only the rear tires, the risk of hydroplaning increases. However, if you must replace only two tires, place the new tires in the rear, shuffling the used rear tires to the front if necessary.
  • Replace tires when they’ve run their course. Even without regular use, tires become unsafe after a certain period of time. Many motor vehicle manufacturers, such as BMW and Ford, recommend replacing tires every six years. Buy the newest tires possible, and follow the manufacturer’s recommended replacement guidelines. Never use a tire that is ten years old or more. Most tires will wear out before age becomes an issue, but there are exceptions to this rule.

The bottom line is, dangerous tires create dangerous driving conditions. Regular checks and maintenance are essential to your safety and the safety of everyone you share the road with.

Horn Law – Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys

If you’ve been injured in any type of motor vehicle accident, it is in your best interest to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney. The Kansas City-based firm of Horn Law has recovered more than $18 million for clients in the last five years alone. We focus on all facets of personal injury law, and we will dedicate our full resources to your case. Whether you think the accident was the result of faulty or defective tires, another driver’s negligence, or dangerous driving conditions, we can help. Contact Horn Law today for a free consultation on your case.

Fixing Our Driving Culture

Modern day driver’s vehicles are equipped with many features created by technology to better keep us safe on the road. However, driving is more dangerous than ever.  Today our driving culture is full of distracted, speeding, and risky drivers.  The CDC reports that in 2010, 1 in 5 accidents were caused by distracted driving.  So how do we solve this problem and create a better, safer, driving culture?

We need to adopt and implement driver safety programs that are directed towards all drivers regardless of age.  We need to make our distracted, speeding, and risky drivers into drivers that are alert, responsible, and defensive.  Drive by Example is a versatile driver safety program that aims to inform about distracted and dangerous driving and offer solutions to our problematic driving culture. We need schools, cities, and organizations to adopt driver safety programs and foster the growth of a better driving culture.

Drive by Example’s Doug Horn reports on current driving safety issues in a recurring segment on Kansas City Live, and you can view his videos on Youtube.