Back To School: Doug Horn Finds A Niche at Lutheran High School of Kansas City


Doug Horn would like to publicly thank the Lutheran High School of Kansas City and Mr. Lee Rudzinsky for providing him the opportunity to spend several hours with Rudzinsky’s American Government class last Wednesday morning.

Horn, who has already launched his “Drive By Example” driving safety campaign at Lutheran High, presented an American history lesson to a group of 20 students.  “We were able to cover a lot of ground, I hope the students gained an appreciation of our Constitution and how our federal government has evolved over the years”, Horn said.

Horn’s presentation centered on the expansion of the federal government during the 20th century. Using FDR’s New Deal and LBJ’s Great Society as examples, Horn taught on how federal government has expanded to help respond to both economic and social crisis. “The students were able to make a connection between the past and present. They understand how the federal government reacts in times of trouble”.

Horn also reserved time for a driving safety message. “We always preach to “drive by example”, Horn commented. Today at LHS we taught the kids, that really means to drive alert, buckled, and cautious. To support his safety message, Horn planted a sign on the campus exit road as a reminder. Horn added, “I am always grateful for an opportunity to help protect young people”.


Aggressive Driving Likely Contributed To Recent Interstate Accidents in Kansas City Area

This past Saturday there was a 7 car chain reaction type accident on westbound I-70 that resulted in life-threatening injuries. Then, 48 hours later, a 2 car collision on westbound I-435, during rush hour, caused a major back up. While the official cause of these two collisions has not been reported, it is likely that aggressive driving was a significant factor in causing the accidents.

As Kansas City crash lawyers, we are seeing a significant increase in the number of collisions caused by aggressive driving. Frequently, people who are in a hurry tend to speed, recklessly change lanes, and attempt to pass slower or stationary traffic without using caution.

While speeding is the most common form of aggressive driving, improper or excessive lane changing, including the failure to signal intent to change lanes, is a major cause of aggressive driving, especially when traffic is congested.

Many driving safety experts feel that aggressive driving is becoming more common given the increase in societal pressures which causes people to be impatient and hurry their driving. Another factor cited is that drivers of private vehicles feel a false sense of security because they are, in most cases, anonymous when behind the wheel. For instance, aggressive driving is much more prevalent among drivers operating private vehicles as opposed to marked commercial vehicles where the driver can easily be identified through minor investigations.

It is important to distinguish aggressive driving from “road rage”. Aggressive driving is considered a traffic offense, whereas “road rage” is a criminal offense. “Road rage” is criminal because it is defined as an assault with a motor vehicle or other dangerous weapon by the operator or passenger(s) upon another motor vehicle or an assault precipitated by an incident that occurred on a roadway.

The criminal intent of assault is the key difference between aggressive driving and “road rage”.

Kansas City Lawyer Partners With The Metropolitan Community Colleges To Advance Driver Safety, Reduce Highway Fatalities

Douglas R. Horn, Founder of Horn Law, has taken his “Drive By Example” driver safety program to the Metropolitan Community Colleges in Greater Kansas City, encouraging  students to model the driving habits and behaviors that protect themselves, their passengers, and others on the roadway. Started by Horn in 2011, Drive By Example is a community service initiative dedicated to advancing driver safety, particularly in the area of distracted driving prevention.

Horn, a long-time crash lawyer and driving safety advocate, began Drive By Example in response to the national epidemic of distracted driving caused by cell phone use behind the wheel. His program has gained momentum as he works with a variety of different organizations to help develop and implement effective driver safety programs.

Horn is especially proud of his work with the 5 campuses that make up the Metropolitan Community Colleges. Appearing at the MCC- Maple Woods campus, Horn indicated that community college students are particularly vulnerable for a distracted driving accident due to the fact that they must commute to school every day. This, coupled with the fact that most students highly depend upon cell phones, demonstrates why it is vital to alert these students to the new universe of risk on the roadway.

Yesterday, in addition to providing live reports on Channel 41 Morning News, Horn brought his specially outfitted driving simulator to the Maple Woods Student Center, giving a students a chance to come face to face with the consequences of dangerous driving. Drive By Example, aided by student volunteers, also provided students with information about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Recent statistics show that 80% of college freshman have tried drugs and/or alcohol.

During the Thursday morning newscast on 41 Action News KSHB-TV(NBC), Horn said that although impaired driving often leads to tragedy, distracted driving is actually more dangerous. “The key factor is reaction time, the time it takes for a driver to avoid a collision. While drunk drivers have some reaction time, distracted drivers have no reaction time. As a result, distracted driving collisions usually involve a severe force of impact more likely to cause serious injury and death.”

As a Kansas City car accident lawyer, Horn has seen a dramatic increase in the types of accidents that cause drivers to be killed. He pointed to a tragic accident that happened on July 17, 2013 where a Gardner woman died in a rollover crash on I-35 in southern Johnson County, Kansas. Several days later Horn was on 41 Action News with Cynthia Newsome reminding viewers how important it is to drive, alert, buckled, and cautious.