Drunk Driving In Kansas City Requires Aggressive Legal Representation

Drivers impaired by alcohol continue to be a major problem in Kansas City, Missouri. In 2016, 224 persons lost their life in the state of Missouri due to an alcohol-related crash. Also, and perhaps more surprising, is that over 2,100 people were injured in drunk driving crashes. While these types of drunk driving collision cases are most certainly devastating to friends and family of the victims, they also produce a significant negative impact on the quality of for all of us. Continue reading “Drunk Driving In Kansas City Requires Aggressive Legal Representation”

Kansas City Motorists Facing A New Universe Of Roadway Risk Due To Distracted Driving

In the last 5 years local motorists on both sides of the state line across are facing a much greater potential for being seriously injured or killed in a motor vehicle crash. Kansas City distracted driving accident attorney Doug Horn says that the spike in roadway dangers is largely due to the large volumes of drivers who are taking their eyes off the road and their hand off the wheel to manipulate a cell phone.

What used to a problem that was mostly limited to young drivers who were texting and driving, has now grown into a full-fledged epidemic of dangerous distracted driving. As adults have adopted the cell phone to manage personal and work responsibilities, the number of distracted driver accidents have skyrocketed. This, coupled with the large number of drivers who now have access to a cell phone while driving, is responsible for creating a very dangerous environment on the road.

Kansas City distracted driving accident attorney Doug Horn says that the spike in roadway dangers is largely due to the large volumes of driversHorn, who concentrates in handling motor vehicle crash cases involving serious injury, says that his law practice has changed considerably since 2009. He says that the after the introduction of the smart phone he began to handle a lot more high impact collisions where he suspected drivers were using their cell phones. Along with more violent crashes, Horn also was faced with handling more cases that involved serious injury, especially injuries to the head and neck. As a distracted driving accident attorney, Horn says he has both a front row seat and bird’s eye view of the decline in our driving culture. “It is not just texting while driving that is creating this new universe of risk, instead it is related to the full compliment of computer-like functions now available to drivers. Drivers are using their phones to access email, navigate, watch video, take pictures, update social media and a host of other functions. This is why I say the risk is through the roof”, Horn said.

Horn also pointed to the fact that cell phone use is habit-forming and addictive. Given a strong temptation to stay in touch, drivers are finding it very difficult to totally avoid their phone. While many states have responded to this new universe of risk by working to pass laws that prohibit cell phone use, Horn believes it will take much more than new distracted driving laws. “It all comes down to personal responsibility, the best solution is just to glove box the phone. Get the phone out of sight and out of mind.”

Texting While Driving Making Teen Drivers Susceptible to Car Accidents

It is probably not surprising to learn that young drivers between the ages of 16-18 are most at risk for a motor vehicle accident. Among the most common reasons for a car accident in this age group is distracted driving, including texting while driving.

Kansas City texting while driving lawyer Doug Horn concentrates his law practice in motor vehicle accident law, handling crash cases which cause serious injury and wrongful death. In that capacity, Horn has had a front row seat for the significant change in the driving culture which results from texting while driving. He says that texting and other cell phone use behind the wheel has reached epidemic levels creating a new universe of risk for all motorists.

Texting While Driving Lawyer Doug Horn

In addition to being a texting while driving lawyer, Horn also dedicates a significant amount of his work to teen driver protection. In this role, he alerts parents to the dangers of distracted driving. He says that parents should be made aware of three important things when it comes to keeping their teen safe on the road.

First, cell phone use is habit forming. If your teenager is constantly on their phone, it is a sign that they are probably regularly tempted to use their phone while driving. Secondly, cell phone use is addictive. While a young driver may understand the dangers of using their phone while driving, the perceived urgency of the text message overrides their good decision making power. In other words, they become incapable of evaluating the true risk when they need it most. Lastly, a texting while driving lawyer will say that the best protection is to teach young drivers to “glove box” the cell phone. Other traffic safety experts agree that storing away the phone significantly diminishes the risk associated with the urgency to compose, respond, or send a text message while engaged in driving.

At the very least, texting while driving lawyer Horn believes parents who teach their teen driver to “glove box” the cell phone are raising the teen driver’s awareness of the dangers of cell phone use. “I believe teen driver protection starts at the dinner table, where parents and teens can discuss the importance of developing safe driving habits”, Horn said.

Texting And Driving Christmas Day Car Accident Ruins The Holiday For A Lee’s Summit Family

Rear-End Accident, Likely Caused By Someone Who Was Texting and Driving, Sends 3 to the Hospital

Christmas Day was working out to be a wonderful day for a local family. After celebrating with family, a father, mother, and their daughter had plans to attend the Chiefs Christmas night game against the Oakland Raiders. However, their football game plans were wasted away after being rear-ended on Interstate 70. The collision happened about 6:15 pm on west-bound I-70 as the family was waiting to exit the highway at Blue Ridge Cutoff.  The collision was caused by a single distracted driver who was believed to be manipulating his cell phone just prior to impact. The accident scene revealed no attempt by the distracted driver to brake or otherwise avoid the crash.

Although spared serious injury, the Christmas Day crash caused all of the occupants to suffer a sudden onset of injury to their neck and back. The injuries forced all 3 family members to the hospital for pre-cautionary x-rays. The injured adults continue to receive rehabilitation as of this report.

There is no doubt that texting and driving accidents in Kansas City are becoming more commonplace. Local drivers, addicted to their cell phones, are continuing to divert their eyes from the road to type out a text or manipulate a small cell phone key pad at a record pace. Traffic safety studies show that those types of distracted drivers (texting drivers) are 4 times more likely to cause a collision. Moreover, because drivers who are sending or responding to text messages usually make no attempt to brake or take action to avoid other vehicles, texting while driving accidents tend to involve more forceful impacts, causing a greater probability of head, neck, and back related injuries.

According to Texting and Driving Accidents Lawyer Doug Horn, texting while driving poses bigger risks on highways like I-70 where occasional traffic jams are more prone to catch drivers off guard. Horn says all drivers should be alerted to the new universe of risk on local Missouri and Kansas highways that accommodate large volumes of traffic.

Horn also feels that drivers that are texting while driving are just as dangerous as impaired drivers. This is based on his view that texting drivers are causing crashes that involve a severe force of impact. He also feels that because more adults are texting behind the wheel, the threat of a crash is growing quite substantially.

To minimize the risk of getting injured by someone who is texting and driving, Horn advises everyone to drive alert, buckled, cautious, and defensive.

Distracted Driver Accident Lawyer Wants A New Missouri Law That Prohibits Texting While Driving For All Drivers

As a distracted driver accident lawyer who concentrates in car, truck, and motorcycle collisions that cause serious injury and traffic-related fatalities, a significant percentage of the cases I handle involve drivers who have caused accidents due to the use of a cell phone behind the wheel. These types of crashes are often violent and I believe a new law which bans drivers from using their cell phone to read, write, or transmit electronic messages would go a long way toward reducing Missouri traffic fatalities.

Presently, Missouri does have a law that prohibits drivers 21 and younger from texting while driving. Quite frankly, as a distracted driver accident lawyer, I have never understood the rationale of the law in place.

First, age has nothing to do with the dangers posed by a driver who is texting. In fact, as a distracted driver accident lawyer who has handled hundreds of distracted driving cases, I now believe that adults represent the largest segment of distracted drivers. In my opinion, young drivers have a much better appreciation of the dangers associated with using a cell phone behind the wheel. Part of the reason for this appreciation of the risk is that it is illegal for a driver under 21 to text. Further support for a law is found in traffic safety studies which show that the majority of drivers will modify their habits and behaviors to conform to traffic safety laws.

Distracted Driver Accident Lawyer

Secondly, the present law sends a message to adult drivers that texting while driving is a privilege of being an experienced driver. Given the present law, an impression is being made upon all drivers that while texting while driving is unsafe for young drivers who lack driving experience, as you get more accustomed to driving you are much better able to handle multi-tasks while driving. This type of impression is dangerous and leads to more adults willing to divert their eyes from the road.

Last year I testified before Missouri lawmakers in regards to legislation to extend the texting ban to all drivers. Similar to past proposed legislation to extend the anti-texting law, the 2016 legislation failed. This year I expect that there will be another legislative attempt to ban texting while driving. In this regard, I understand Missouri Senator Jill Schupp of Creve Coeur will be filing a Senate bill that is very similar to past failed legislation. I plan on joining forces with other Missouri driver safety advocates to help get a different result and join the 46 other states that completely ban texting while driving.

I am also hopeful that any other distracted driver accident lawyer from around the state will join me in advancing driver safety in Missouri by supporting legislation aimed at reducing the number of drivers who are texting or otherwise manipulating their cell phones. Not only would be taking steps to reducing roadway deaths in Missouri, but also contributing to an overall improvement in the driving culture.

Kansas City Distracted Driving Responsible For Rising Number Of Missouri Road Deaths

What started out as a “teen driver texting while driving” issue in 2009, has now become a “distracted driving” epidemic. As a result, traffic fatalities in Kansas City, Missouri, and across the nation, are increasing at rates no one expected. “What we have is a new universe of roadway risk”, says Attorney Doug Horn, a Kansas City distracted driving accident lawyer who regularly represents persons seriously injured or killed by negligent drivers.

Horn, who has handled thousands of motor vehicle accident cases over the course of his 25 year legal career, says that the risk of being involved in a Kansas City distracted driving accident is growing more significant every day. Horn says, “Beyond texting, a large majority of drivers are now regularly using their phones to navigate, access social media, email, news, videos, and a host of other computer-like functions. These types of cell phone activities have definitely heightened the risk of being involved in a violent crash. A major reason why Missouri traffic fatalities are getting outside of our of control is distracted driving.”

Distracted Driving Kansas City

While traffic safety experts are very concerned about rising traffic deaths, not all of them are convinced that cell phone use is responsible for the growing number of motorists who are killed on the roadway. Because cell phone use is usually undetectable in accident investigations, Horn says that the distracted driving is often “under reported” in official accident investigation documents.

“As a Kansas City distracted driving accident lawyer, I know that the only way to determine that a serious accident was caused by a driver using a cell phone is through the cell phone records kept by the cell phone provider. Because these records are not available without the cell phone owner’s authorization, it is difficult for highway patrol or police to conclude the accident was caused by a driver using a cell phone.”

Given the above, Horn believes it is important work for accident lawyers to properly handle potential distracted driving accident cases so that drivers who are texting or otherwise manipulating a cell phone can be held accountable. Horn says, “Unless we do our job and uncover the evidence, the problem is going to get worse before better, and we can not afford that.”

Tips For Selecting An Accident Injury Attorney in Blue Springs, Missouri

If residents of Blue Springs, Missouri need the advice of a personal injury lawyer, they can turn to Attorney Doug Horn of The Horn Law Firm. Horn, who has practiced personal injury law in Jackson County, Missouri for over 25 years, is recognized as a Blue Springs Accident Injury Attorney, concentrating his practice in car, truck, and motorcycle collisions, work injuries, injuries to children, and other incidents that cause serious, disabling injury. Below Horn offers tips for selecting the right personal injury attorney.

First and foremost, an injured person in Blue Springs should sit down face-to-face for free legal consultation with a Blue Springs Accident Injury Attorney who concentrates in personal injury law. After reviewing the special circumstances connected with your injury claim, before hiring an injury lawyer, the injured person should be confident that the lawyer in question can fulfill 3 important tasks related to the case.

1. Take care of the immediate issues, which include the property damage settlements, deal with the insurance company or companies, complete the investigations, and start working out solutions to the medical, legal, and insurance issues that crop up in every case.

2. Gain the upper hand with the insurance company. There is little doubt that injury claims can be challenging, especially when it comes to negotiating with insurance company representatives. Skill in negotiation is paramount. It has been proven that having an experienced negotiator in your corner is a key factor in obtaining the best results.

3. Maximize the client’s recovery, which means fair and full insurance settlements that cover all of economic and non-economic damages, which includes all of the the medical bills, medical liens, medical reimbursements, lost income, and the personal losses, which include pain, suffering, discomfort, loss of health, loss of mobility, and loss of quality of life.

While it is important to have a local Blue Springs Accident Injury Attorney, an injured person should also make sure that the attorney is assisted by a competent and helpful staff. Personal injury lawyers are busy and there is no way they can properly handle your case without the help from paralegals, legal assistants, and office staff.

We hope you find these tips helpful. While no one ever wants to be facing an injury claim, when the need arises it is important to be protected.

A Missouri Worker Compensation Claim Tip For Recovering Full Settlements

The majority of employees injured while on the job are entitled to worker compensation benefits under state law. For the purposes of this article, Independence Missouri Work Comp lawyer, Doug Horn, offers recommendations that are based on his experience in handling hundreds of Missouri worker compensation cases. Keep in mind, no matter where you suffered a work-related injury, if you were hired in Missouri, the Missouri worker compensation laws will be relevant to your claim for benefits.

It is important to know that most employees who are injured at work are entitled to 3 basic work comp benefits, including their medical care, reimbursement for their wage loss (after 3 days of missed work due to the injury), and compensation for the longer-term effects of the injury called “Permanent Partial Disability”.


In most claims, injured workers can receive medical care and reimbursement for lost income (called Temporary Total Disability) without much problem. The issue causing the dispute in most claims involves the award the injured worker will receive for Permanent Partial Disability (PPD). As a result, legal consultation with a lawyer who concentrates in Missouri worker compensation law is important. It is important because the difference between a low PPD settlement and a fair/full PPD settlement usually involves thousands of dollars.

Here is how it works. The employer’s worker compensation carrier will have the injured worker’s work comp doctor “rate the permanency” of the injury. The “rate of permanency” directly effects the PPD compensation owed to the injured worker. In the large majority of cases, the work comp doctor will have a tendency to rate the employee’s injury favorable to the interests of the insurance carrier. This can cost an injured worker thousands in fair/full PPD compensation.

This is where legal representation can be vital. An attorney who represents an injured worker can arrange for his or her client to be independently rated for PPD compensation.

This independent rating is used, as evidence, to arrive at a fair, full, and negotiated settlement.

If you were injured at work, and live and/or work near Kansas City, Missouri, you would be wise to consult with an Independence MO work comp lawyer at the earliest possible time after the injury. Although the PPD compensation is important, an attorney also take care of immediate issues like medical care and reimbursement of wages issues. Call Attorney Doug Horn at Horn Law 816-795-7500. His office is close and convenient to many to live in Jackson County, Missouri.

Independence Missouri Auto Accidents Expected To Increase Over Holiday Season

Independence Missouri Auto Accident Attorney Doug Horn is alerting local citizens to a heightened risk of car and truck accidents over the next 6 weeks. Horn says a combination of factors special to this time of year brings on a new risk of danger for motorists. Horn cites 5 factors that make an Independence Missouri auto accident a higher probability for drivers in the coming weeks, including heavy traffic congestion, driver distraction, driver impairment, seasonal stress, and poor road conditions.

For obvious reasons, traffic volumes are much higher during the holiday season. With more traffic comes more collisions. This is especially true around highway interchanges and roads surrounded with retail shopping, like the Independence Center shopping mall.

Independence Missouri Auto Accident Attorney

Driver distraction is also expected to play a part in creating vehicle crashes. The biggest distraction is drivers using a cell phone to talk, text, navigate, access the web, and a host of other computer-like functions. Cell phone use is also habit forming and addictive which adds to the risk on the roadway. Drivers who would not normally use the phone while driving are more inclined to try and multi-task. While most people will tell you that cell phone use while driving is dangerous, a large majority of drivers continue to put themselves, their passengers, and others at risk by taking their eyes off the road to use a phone.

Likewise, driver impairment from drugs or alcohol and seasonal stress also play a big role in causing violent car accidents. As do poor weather conditions. Many drivers don’t account for changing road conditions especially at night when temperatures fall below freezing.

As an Independence Missouri Auto Accident Attorney with 25 years of experience, Horn is urging motorists to “drive by example” to minimize the chance of a collision.  “Driving by example means that drivers can best protect themselves by driving alert, buckled, & cautious. It is simple as A-B-C”, Horn concluded.

Car Accidents Rising in Blue Springs, Missouri

Over the past decade, Blue Springs, Missouri, has enjoyed tremendous growth. While there are many positives associated with this increase in population and economic activity, traffic safety has become a major public health concern for this large suburban city located 17 miles east of Kansas City. Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, caused by a growing number of dangerous drivers, are causing a new universe of roadway risk for motorists in Blue Springs.

Attorney Doug Horn of The Horn Law Firm , a personal injury lawyer who concentrates in representing persons injured or killed in motor vehicle collisions, has seen a dramatic increase in the number of Blue Springs crashes that cause serious injury. “Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, caused by a growing number of distracted, impatient, and aggressive drivers, are causing a new universe of roadway risk for motorists in Blue Springs”, Horn said.

Accident Injury Attorney Blue Springs MO

Horn, who is the lead attorney at Horn Law, has a track record of success that spans 25 years, recommends legal consultation for those who are injured in a Blue Springs motor vehicle accident. “As an attorney who has handled thousands of accident cases, I know that legal consultation is one of the best forms of protection you can take after an accident injury. It allows me to take care of immediate issues that arise after an accident, gain the upper hand with the insurance companies, and make sure my client is on track to receive a maximum settlement or award”.

Horn, who offices close to Blue Springs near the intersection of I-70 and I-470, is known as a “rapid response attorney. He is prepared to immediately put his team in action, including vital accident investigations. In addition to consultations at his office, Horn offers home and hospital appointments. “The secret to getting the best results, is making sure we secure important evidence and making sure our clients are receiving the best possible medical care and rehabilitation. Our first steps often prove to be the most important”.

Consultations can be scheduled with Doug Horn by calling 816-795-7500. After business hours, Horn can be contacted through email at dhorn@hornlaw.com.