Distracted Driving Accidents: How to Protect Yourself in Kansas City

There are many things that drivers do behind the wheel that end up taking their eyes and attention off the roadway. Some of these require a momentary glance away, while other tasks force a driver to divert their eyes and attention for up to 5 seconds. Whatever the case, driver distraction is now becoming epidemic, mostly due to the proliferation of the cell phone. As a result, all of us are encountering what I call a “new universe of roadway risk” giving rise to a greater probability of serious injury and death. Continue reading “Distracted Driving Accidents: How to Protect Yourself in Kansas City”

How to Prevent Employee Distracted Driving

If your business relies on vehicles that are driven by your employees, then distracted driving presents a serious threat to your people, as well as your business. Anytime a driver is manipulating a cell phone to  dial, text, talk, access email or other data, navigate, or access the internet represents at least a 4 times greater chance of a collision and a dramatic increase in the probability of a disabling injury or fatality. Continue reading “How to Prevent Employee Distracted Driving”

Woman Hurt In Overland Park, Kansas Distracted Driving Accident

Recently, a retired lady from Grandview, Missouri suffered severe head, neck, left arm, and knee injuries in an inter-sectional collision at 97th and Metcalf Avenue in Ovrland Park, Kansas. The crash occurred in the late afternoon when the Grandview woman was driving northbound on Metcalf ran a red light and violently broadsided the woman’s vehicle as she was making a left hand turn, with the right-of-way, onto southbound Metcalf.  The severe force of impact caused the Grandview woman’s vehicle to collide head on with another vehicle causing the front air bags to deploy. In total, 4 cars were involved in the crash.   Continue reading “Woman Hurt In Overland Park, Kansas Distracted Driving Accident”

Tips For Selecting An Accident Injury Attorney in Blue Springs, Missouri

If residents of Blue Springs, Missouri need the advice of a personal injury lawyer, they can turn to Attorney Doug Horn of The Horn Law Firm. Horn, who has practiced personal injury law in Jackson County, Missouri for over 25 years, is recognized as a Blue Springs Accident Injury Attorney, concentrating his practice in car, truck, and motorcycle collisions, work injuries, injuries to children, and other incidents that cause serious, disabling injury. Below Horn offers tips for selecting the right personal injury attorney.

First and foremost, an injured person in Blue Springs should sit down face-to-face for free legal consultation with a Blue Springs Accident Injury Attorney who concentrates in personal injury law. After reviewing the special circumstances connected with your injury claim, before hiring an injury lawyer, the injured person should be confident that the lawyer in question can fulfill 3 important tasks related to the case.

1. Take care of the immediate issues, which include the property damage settlements, deal with the insurance company or companies, complete the investigations, and start working out solutions to the medical, legal, and insurance issues that crop up in every case.

2. Gain the upper hand with the insurance company. There is little doubt that injury claims can be challenging, especially when it comes to negotiating with insurance company representatives. Skill in negotiation is paramount. It has been proven that having an experienced negotiator in your corner is a key factor in obtaining the best results.

3. Maximize the client’s recovery, which means fair and full insurance settlements that cover all of economic and non-economic damages, which includes all of the the medical bills, medical liens, medical reimbursements, lost income, and the personal losses, which include pain, suffering, discomfort, loss of health, loss of mobility, and loss of quality of life.

While it is important to have a local Blue Springs Accident Injury Attorney, an injured person should also make sure that the attorney is assisted by a competent and helpful staff. Personal injury lawyers are busy and there is no way they can properly handle your case without the help from paralegals, legal assistants, and office staff.

We hope you find these tips helpful. While no one ever wants to be facing an injury claim, when the need arises it is important to be protected.

Independence Missouri Auto Accidents Expected To Increase Over Holiday Season

Independence Missouri Auto Accident Attorney Doug Horn is alerting local citizens to a heightened risk of car and truck accidents over the next 6 weeks. Horn says a combination of factors special to this time of year brings on a new risk of danger for motorists. Horn cites 5 factors that make an Independence Missouri auto accident a higher probability for drivers in the coming weeks, including heavy traffic congestion, driver distraction, driver impairment, seasonal stress, and poor road conditions.

For obvious reasons, traffic volumes are much higher during the holiday season. With more traffic comes more collisions. This is especially true around highway interchanges and roads surrounded with retail shopping, like the Independence Center shopping mall.

Independence Missouri Auto Accident Attorney

Driver distraction is also expected to play a part in creating vehicle crashes. The biggest distraction is drivers using a cell phone to talk, text, navigate, access the web, and a host of other computer-like functions. Cell phone use is also habit forming and addictive which adds to the risk on the roadway. Drivers who would not normally use the phone while driving are more inclined to try and multi-task. While most people will tell you that cell phone use while driving is dangerous, a large majority of drivers continue to put themselves, their passengers, and others at risk by taking their eyes off the road to use a phone.

Likewise, driver impairment from drugs or alcohol and seasonal stress also play a big role in causing violent car accidents. As do poor weather conditions. Many drivers don’t account for changing road conditions especially at night when temperatures fall below freezing.

As an Independence Missouri Auto Accident Attorney with 25 years of experience, Horn is urging motorists to “drive by example” to minimize the chance of a collision.  “Driving by example means that drivers can best protect themselves by driving alert, buckled, & cautious. It is simple as A-B-C”, Horn concluded.

Car Accidents Rising in Blue Springs, Missouri

Over the past decade, Blue Springs, Missouri, has enjoyed tremendous growth. While there are many positives associated with this increase in population and economic activity, traffic safety has become a major public health concern for this large suburban city located 17 miles east of Kansas City. Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, caused by a growing number of dangerous drivers, are causing a new universe of roadway risk for motorists in Blue Springs.

Attorney Doug Horn of The Horn Law Firm , a personal injury lawyer who concentrates in representing persons injured or killed in motor vehicle collisions, has seen a dramatic increase in the number of Blue Springs crashes that cause serious injury. “Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, caused by a growing number of distracted, impatient, and aggressive drivers, are causing a new universe of roadway risk for motorists in Blue Springs”, Horn said.

Accident Injury Attorney Blue Springs MO

Horn, who is the lead attorney at Horn Law, has a track record of success that spans 25 years, recommends legal consultation for those who are injured in a Blue Springs motor vehicle accident. “As an attorney who has handled thousands of accident cases, I know that legal consultation is one of the best forms of protection you can take after an accident injury. It allows me to take care of immediate issues that arise after an accident, gain the upper hand with the insurance companies, and make sure my client is on track to receive a maximum settlement or award”.

Horn, who offices close to Blue Springs near the intersection of I-70 and I-470, is known as a “rapid response attorney. He is prepared to immediately put his team in action, including vital accident investigations. In addition to consultations at his office, Horn offers home and hospital appointments. “The secret to getting the best results, is making sure we secure important evidence and making sure our clients are receiving the best possible medical care and rehabilitation. Our first steps often prove to be the most important”.

Consultations can be scheduled with Doug Horn by calling 816-795-7500. After business hours, Horn can be contacted through email at dhorn@hornlaw.com.


I-70 Auto Accidents – Septemeber – Kansas City

Recent I-70 Auto Accidents during September in the Kansas City area have stunned our community. The I-70 auto accident, located in Blue Springs earlier in the month, involved a family of four and what police report an intoxicated man. Reports say that the man rear ended the family of four, killing two children, and paralyzing the father.

The mother and father, David and Jennifer Beaird, are now coming to terms with this tragedy. They hope to have the community remember their children Gavin and Chloe. The parents believe the focus isn’t just on their children, but on their family as a whole, since their lives have changed forever since the auto accident.

The intoxicated man was 60-year-old James Green. He’s being held at the Jackson County jail on a $200,000 bond. Jennifer says the anger is still there, that Green, who already had two DWIs on his record, would still be foolish enough to continue. The family is not only seeking indefinite jail, but for Green to understand the pain he has caused the family.

I-70 Auto Accidents in Kansas City
I-70 Auto Accidents in Kansas City

About Horn Law

Attorney Doug Horn, Kansas City’s Injury Lawyer, realizes that because you only have one chance at settlement, our top priority is to maximize your injury compensation, obtaining the best possible money recovery for your total personal loss, including medical bills, lost income, pain, suffering, and other damages. Like the Beaird family, recovery will be a journey the family will take together.

For over 25 years, the Horn Law Firm has an extensive track record of success in a wide variety of personal injury and wrongful death claims. We won’t stop until you get the recovery you deserve.

Because selecting a personal injury lawyer and law firm is an important decision, we invite prospective clients to visit the Choosing An Injury Lawyer page for more information.


Assessing the Common Mistakes of Teen Drivers – Can You Keep Your Teen from Causing an Accident?

teen driversAutomobile accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). But, a majority of these accidents (and deaths) are preventable. Also according to the CDC, male teens are at higher risk for injury and death – especially those between the ages of 16 to 19. Teens who are driving with other teen passengers are also have a higher risk for accident – only further proving that parents need to be more proactive in protecting their teens.

Facts Regarding Teen Auto Accidents

There are disturbing facts out there regarding the number of teen driving incidents and deaths. Teen drivers are almost 300 percent more likely than older drivers to be involved in a fatal accident. In 2013, almost 963,000 teen drivers were involved in accidents, which led to 383,000 injuries and 2,865 deaths. That equates to about 1,049 teen injuries and seven teen deaths per day.

What Led to These Accidents?

There are a few factors commonly seen in teen driving accidents and fatalities. These include:

  1. Speeding – Teen drivers are more likely to speed than older drivers. Male teen drivers are also more likely to speed than their female counterparts, with 38 percent of males involved in speed-related crashes, while only 24 percent of females were involved in similar crashes. Speeding was a factor in 52 percent of fatal car accidents for teens in 2011. This can be avoided by teens giving themselves distance between vehicles, always obeying posted speed limits, and giving themselves the three second rule between cars.
  2. Drinking and Driving – Unfortunately, teen drivers have a higher risk of drinking and driving – even when they are below the legal drinking age. Teens should not drink until they are 21, but also should avoid driving, if they do drink. Because they are more likely to be in an accident with alcohol in their blood, teens should have designated drivers.
  3. Nighttime Driving – Teen drivers are not as experienced as adults; therefore, they may not be as quick to respond in nighttime driving situations. More accidents among teens happen after the sun goes down than at any other time of the day. If you have teen drivers, restrict their driving hours, especially during the first year when they have their licenses.
  4. Not Wearing Seat Belts – Some teens may think that they are too cumbersome, while others feel they don’t need them; regardless of the reason, seat belts are a common factor in teen driving deaths. Make sure that your teen knows the importance of buckling up, and ensure that the passengers are not allowed in the vehicle unless they wear a seatbelt, too.
  5. Distracted Driving – Unfortunately, distracted driving is highest among teen drivers – more specifically, using cellphones to text, talk, or snap photos. Teach your teen to put his or her phone down, and even consider installing apps that help reduce distractions while driving.

Horn Law, P.C. is Dedicated to Advocating for Injured Victims

If you or your teen driver was injured in an auto accident due to someone’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact the team at Horn Law, P.C. today regarding your accident. Our attorneys are dedicated to Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and we work hard to teach local teens about the importance of good, safe driving skills. Call us now to explore your legal options at 816-795-7500 or fill out our online contact form with your legal questions.

The Rules of the Road: A Driver Refresher

driver refresher

If it has been a few years since you last looked at the Missouri driver’s handbook, now may be a good time to consider a refresher. Each year, the handbook is updated with the latest law changes (including speed limits and laws regarding texting/talking on the phone). If you do not have the latest copy of the Driver Guide, Missouri does offer it online – and we recommend that you review it. Blue Springs sees its fair share of auto accidents, and often, these accidents are caused by driver inattention or failure to obey the rules of the road. By refreshing yourself with the latest laws, you may be able to avoid not only citations and points against your driver’s license, but accidents, too.

Driver’s License Requirements

You are required to have a Missouri driver’s license if you reside in the state and you are 16 years or older, and want to drive a vehicle. If you recently moved to Missouri, you will need to have a driver’s license from another state, and then you must apply for a Missouri license. There are also special permits in the state for instructional drivers (those without a license) and motorcycle riders.

Mandatory Insurance

Like most states, you are required to carry auto insurance. The state requires that all motor vehicle operators and their owners have a form of liability insurance. This covers your financial responsibility in the event that you are involved in a motor vehicle collision. To register your vehicle or renew your license plates, you will need proof of such insurance.

The minimum coverage requirements for the state are:

  • $25,000 per person for bodily injury
  • $50,000 per crash for bodily injury
  • $10,000 per crash for property damage

You are also required to have uninsured motorist coverage of $25,000 for bodily injury per person, and $50,000 for bodily injury per accident.

Failure to keep insurance could result in a suspension of your driver’s license, as well as fines.

Safe Driving Tips for Driving in Blue Springs, MO

To avoid the types of accidents that cause serious injury and roadway fatalities, always drive alert, buckled, and cautious.

  1. Drive Alert. Driving alert means keeping a careful lookout for signs, traffic signals, other vehicles, and pedestrians. It also means to drive free from all distractions that cause drivers to divert their eyes or attention from the road. We advocate “glove boxing” cell phones so they do put you at risk for distracted driving collision.
  2. Drive Buckled. Given the rising number of impatient, aggressive, and impatient drivers, wearing a seat belt is now more important than ever. In fact. Statistics show that the simple habit of wearing a seat belt would prevent 50% of traffic fatalities. In terms of protection from serious injury and death, seat belts in use prevent occupant ejection and are instrumental in minimizing head, neck, chest, and spinal cord injuries caused in motor vehicle collisions.
  3. Drive Cautious. Be a patient, composed driver whenever you are behind the wheel. Do not fall prey to “pressure driving” where you are hurried or frustrated by other drivers or traffic delays. Speeding or rushing is futile and makes little difference in your arrival time. Develop a defensive driving approach by anticipating traffic movement and roadway hazards.

Seek out Legal Consultation if Injured in a Blue Springs, MO Crash

If you have been injured in an auto accident in Blue Springs or the surrounding areas of Missouri, contact Horn Law, P.C. immediately. We advocate for our clients, and ensure that they receive fair and full compensation for their injuries. Schedule a consultation today by calling 816-795-7500 or filling out our online contact form with your questions.