Serious injury: Selecting the Right Lawyer

You are hurt. You may have been hospitalized. You can=t work. You are concerned about your immediate recovery and even start to think how this could affect your future. How is all of this going to be covered? Continue reading “Serious injury: Selecting the Right Lawyer”

Car Accident Injury Claims Require a Rapid Response Lawyer

Car, truck, and motorcycle crashes that result in an injury to the head, neck, back, hips, extremities, including the knee and shoulder joints, require immediate legal action in order to make sure the claim is fully and fairly settled. The primary reason for this is that these types of injuries often cause long-term physical restrictions that must be accounted for in any claim settlement. A rapid response lawyer is imperative in this situation. Continue reading “Car Accident Injury Claims Require a Rapid Response Lawyer”

Do you think it is Reckless use your cell phone while driving? Seeking your feedback

I represent a number of clients who have been the victim of a distracted driver – someone who has been using his or her cell phone moments before causing a violent collision. The question I have is: Continue reading “Do you think it is Reckless use your cell phone while driving? Seeking your feedback”

Serious Injury Claims: Recovery of Lifetime Compensation

Our law firm concentrates in handling serious injury claims. One of the primary ways Horn Law can be of substantial benefit to a seriously injured person is to obtain a maximum settlement or award that includes Lifetime Compensation. Continue reading “Serious Injury Claims: Recovery of Lifetime Compensation”

5 Tips To Protect Yourself While Driving

1. Drive Alert

There is a new universe of risk on the roads in the last 5 years. Drivers are driving faster, more aggressively, and more distracted. Our driving culture has changed and it is leading to accidents that are causing serious injury and worse. Stay alert by glove boxing your phone (so you won’t be tempted to use it) and keep your eyes on the road scanning for hazards.

2. Drive Buckled

There is no doubt that seat belts save lives, especially in a violent collision or when a vehicle you’re driving runs off the road. Seatbelts can also save you from a serious head or neck injury by preventing your head from being propelled into the front dash and windshield. It should be second-nature to buckle up, but sadly statistics say otherwise.

3. Drive Cautious

The reality is that you can no longer trust other drivers to follow the rules of the road. Previously safe drivers have now turned into dangerous drivers by driving aggressively or using their phone behind the wheel. More drivers are running red lights, blowing through stop signs, changing lanes without regard to other traffic, and routinely driving like they are in a hurry. Drive cautiously by watching your speed, holding your lane, and anticipating hazardous situations.

4. Drive Defensively

This tip probably deserves to be at the top of the list. There is no better approach to driving. Protect yourself, your passengers, and others on the roadway by always driving defensively.

5. Review Your Insurance Coverages

You should consider auto insurance coverages that are at least $100,000 per person/$300,000 per accident. Not only will you be better protected in the event you cause an accident, but you also have good protection in the event you or your passengers are injured by an un-insured motorist. When you are injured by a driver who does not have insurance, your own insurance steps in and provides coverage. The amount of coverage you have to protect yourself is based on the amount of uninsured motorist coverage you purchase. Make sure you purchase at least $100,000 per person/$300,000 per accident in protection against an uninsured motorist. Also, ask your agent to add under-insured motorist coverage to your policy. This is separate protection against a driver who does not carry enough insurance to cover your injury claim.

Kansas City Crash Lawyer Doug Horn Proposes New Method To Curb Distracted Drivers

Attorney Doug Horn likes to say that he has had both a front row seat and a bird’s eye view of the distracted driving epidemic that is gripping America’s roadways. His perspective comes from over 25 years of providing legal representation to people who have been seriously injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents.

Earlier this week, on KSHB, Horn’s distracted driving prevention program was profiled by Reporter Cynthia Newsome. Unlike traditional efforts to reduce distracted driving, Horn’s program encourages motorists to protect themselves against distracted drivers by driving alert, buckled, cautious, and defensive. Horn gave further explanation, “by urging drivers to adopt safe driving habits, we not only hope to reduce accidents, but also help elevate the driving culture”.

Horn has been involved in efforts to advance driver safety since 2009. He has developed a driving safety communications platform called “Drive By Example”. Currently, he is in the process of looking for driving safety partnerships to help reverse a significant increase in traffic fatality trends in Missouri. Along with distracted driving prevention, Horn also has programs designed for teen driver protection and safe driving programs for corporations and businesses.

Independence, Missouri Lawyer Develops Program To Help Reduce Accidents On Missouri’s Rural Roads

People who live in rural areas of Missouri know that there is not much room for error on the county and state highway roads that cris-cross Missouri. Accidents are on the rise and many blame the significant change in the driving culture. As drivers continue to drive aggressively, more distracted, and more impatient, traffic safety experts are saying that all of us are facing a “new universe of roadway risk”, however the highest risks for a violent collision are on Missouri’s rural roads. Continue reading “Independence, Missouri Lawyer Develops Program To Help Reduce Accidents On Missouri’s Rural Roads”