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Distracted Driving Has Become Epidemic

As an attorney who concentrates in representing people injured in motor vehicle accidents, I see first-hand the devastating consequences caused by distracted driving. Distracted driving collisions are often violent crashes that cause serious injury and worse. In fact, from my perspective as a crash lawyer, distracted driving has become more deadly than drunk driving.

While there are many reasons why drivers become distracted and take their eyes off the road, manipulating a cell phone while driving is the leading cause for the monumental increase in the number of distracted drivers. Because the overwhelming number of drivers are now armed with a cell phone, all of us are facing a new universe risk on the road.

Texting While Driving Is Legal in Missouri

While 48 states have outlawed texting while driving for all drivers, you might be surprised to learn that Missouri is only one of 3 states that does not ban texting and driving for all drivers. In fact, Missouri drivers who are 22 years and older, can text, email, browse the internet, post to social media, watch video, etc. while driving. Can you believe it!

Meanwhile, traffic fatalities in Missouri continue to increase. In fact, Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDoT) studies reveal that using a cell phone while driving is a key reason for the increasing death toll. Cell phone related crashes are up 35 percent since 2014, according to Jon Nelson who is an assistant to the state highway safety and traffic engineer. It’s one of the fastest growing causes of fatal crashes in Missouri, and like most other contributing factors, it’s completely preventable.

All-Driver Texting Ban for Missouri

Given the above, we need to make this the year that the Missouri Legislature finally passes a texting while driving ban for all drivers. While there have been failed attempts in the past to make texting while driving illegal in Missouri, it has been proven that laws that prohibit texting while driving do make a difference. According to the research of American Journal of Public Health published in 2019, states that ban texting while driving have seen a significant reduction in the number of emergency department visits following a motor vehicle crash.

By adding your name to the attached Petition, I will be greatly aided in my efforts to persuade the Missouri  lawmakers to pass an All-Driver Texting Ban. Because this Petition is the first of its kind, state senators and representatives will know that a large group of Missouri citizens stand with me on this critical public health issue. The time is now to protect ourselves, our passengers, and others on the roadway.

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Other Efforts To Advance Driver Safety in Missouri

Although a new all driver texting ban law would be a big step forward toward curbing distracted drivers in Missouri, a new law isn’t going to totally solve the distracted driving epidemic. In conjunction with a new law, I am advocating that MoDoT implement Drive By Example, a comprehensive driver safety communications program that effectively addresses top driving safety priorities.

By putting Drive By Example into action, Missouri transportation officials will not only help reduce the types of collisions that cause serious injury and roadway deaths, but the program will also help keep driver safety high on the public consciousness. Drive By Example is a perfect fit for Missouri as it addresses all forms of dangerous driving and is applicable to all drivers.

Many thanks for your support of an All-Driver Texting Ban in Missouri.