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Following are several “Frequently Asked Questions” that may give you some insight to Horn Law. However, because every case has special circumstances, it is always preferable to arrange free consultation with Lead Attorney Douglas R. Horn (either at a Horn Law Consultation Office or by telephone).

How Does Horn Law Maximize their Client’s Recovery?

Early preparation is the key. In any accident injury case it is important to do the investigation and lock down the evidence in the case. This often requires special efforts.

I need to assess the insurance coverages. It is not uncommon for 3 different insurance companies to be involved.

The legal claims and avenues of recovery need to be identified and I need to set the client’s claim in motion.

Of course, we also want to get a handle on the client’s injuries. Make sure they are getting proper medical attention. I start to document the financial impact to the client and put together an initial case evaluation.

This is a little insight into the early preparations that make a big difference when it comes to resolving the case.

What Should I look For In An Injury Lawyer?

I would say this: Never judge a lawyer based on an advertisement or even a website.

It is important that the lawyer you select is a lawyer who concentrates in personal injury and has a very good reputation.

When you first meet with an injury lawyer, the lawyer should listen, understand your expectations, and be able to offer immediate help.

Beware of the lawyer who “sugar coats” the case value or an expected settlement. Good settlements only come from hard work and case preparation.

Also, judge not only the injury lawyer, but judge the law firm as well.

For instance, is the receptionist or paralegal helpful and accommodating? Does the firm seem organized?

I can tell you that behind every good injury lawyer, stands an excellent support staff.

What Is Special About Horn Law?

We are a small law firm and all we do is personal injury- it has been that way for 22 years.

Because we are small, it affords us the ability to give each client the time and attention necessary to maximize their recovery.

Because we only do personal injury, we have methods and systems in place to efficiently handle cases.

One of things that I am most proud of is the group of paralegals that support me and Laurie DelPercio. The core group has been with us for a long time. We have high standards, and they deliver.

My job is a lot easier when every body is pulling in the same direction and the goal always remains to maximize the client’s recovery.

Why Should I Be Cautious With The Insurance Company Claim Adjuster?

Insurance adjusters adjust claims, meaning they work very hard to limit the amount of settlement. They use tactics and it is important that you know their motivations.

For instance, the claims adjuster may lead an injured person to believe that everything will be “taken care of”, or that certain things like medical bills will be “taken care of”. This is a tactic often used to make you feel like you do not need legal help.

Also, keep in mind the insurance adjuster is always looking for information to minimize your claim. They are well-trained and evaluated on their ability to minimize your claim.

Recently, insurance companies have become even more stingy with respect to settlements, looking to wiggle out of responsibility.

That is why I think people should be cautious anytime they are dealing with an insurance adjuster.

Explain “Help When Are Hurt”

I know that an accident injury brings on a number of different questions and concerns. Not only has our client had to endure pain and suffering, but now there are medical bills, time lost from work, and insurance claims to deal with.

Because we only handle personal injury cases, we can help immediately. We can take care of the personal issues, accident investigations, and sort out insurance matters in order that our hurt client is able to concentrate on his or her physical recovery.

In serious cases involving hospitalizations, family members can call on me as soon as possible. This is especially important. It just helps to have an experienced professional, who has been through similar situations, to start taking care of the details.

That is what I mean when I say “Help When You Are Hurt”.

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