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Kansas City Accident Lawyer Advances Driver Safety

Douglas R. Horn, Lead Attorney of The Horn Law Firm, concentrates his practice in motor vehicle accident law and crash litigation. Over the past 25 years, Horn has represented thousands of people who have been injured in car, truck, and motorcycle accidents and has helped them obtain maximum insurance settlements and awards.

A substantial Horn’s crash cases involve distracted driving. Distracted drivers, primarily those using cell phones behind the wheel, are becoming epidemic in the U.S.. What was once considered to be a teen “texting while driving” problem, now has become a full blown traffic safety concern across all age groups. In fact, working adults now represent the largest class of distracted drivers as they manage busy personal and work lives with their phones and tablets.

Overall, distracted driving is becoming as dangerous as impaired driving. Distracted driving accidents, especially those caused by taking attention away from the road to manipulate a mobile devise, typically involve a severe force of impact and cause more serious injury.

In addition to his personal injury law practice, Horn devotes a substantial part of his work to advancing driver safety. As a traffic safety professional, Horn is an active driver safety advocate. Horn is also the founder of Drive By Example, a public service organization dedicated to helping government, schools, and private sector firms implement effective driver safety programs.

Driver Safety Advocacy

As an advocate for safe driving, Horn’s primary objective are to reduce the types of collisions that cause serious injury and death by encouraging drivers to adopt the habits and behaviors that protect themselves, their passengers, and others on the roadway.

In this regard, Horn is a regular contributor to media outlets, including making frequent TV, radio, print, and online appearances. Please visit the Media Vault page which contains Horn’s updated driver safety broadcasts.

Additionally, Horn promotes his Drive By Example message to drive alert, buckled, and cautious through:

  • Community Appearances, including high school, community college, and civic group driving safety events.
  • Billboard/Outdoor Signs
  • Social Media Alerts
  • Drive By Example Jeep, a sport utility vehicle wrapped with a traffic safety message to drive alert, buckled, and cautious.

Drive By Example

In 2011 Horn developed a model driving safety program he named Drive By Example. Built on a clear concise, and memorable driving safety message, the core objective is to influence drivers to drive defensively by always driving alert, buckled, and cautious.

Using the Drive By Example platform, Horn helps a variety of driving safety stakeholders, including governments, schools, and private sector firms, implement effective driver safety programs. These programs not only help to reduce traffic fatalities, but also keep driving safety high on the public consciousness. Specific initiatives include:

For more detailed information about Drive By Example, visit drivebyexample.org.

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