Advancing Driving Safety

Douglas R. Horn, Lead Attorney of The Horn Law Firm, P.C., is a Kansas City personal injury lawyer who concentrates in motor vehicle accident law & crash litigation. Since 1990, Horn has successfully represented thousands of people who have been injured or killed in car, truck, and motorcycle collisions by helping them recover maximum insurance settlements and awards.

During the course of his legal career, Horn has developed an expertise in a range of driver safety issues. As a result, Horn founded Drive By Example, a public service organization that is dedicated to addressing America’s top driving safety priorities, including traffic fatality reduction, distracted driving prevention and teen driver protection.

Driving Safety Advocacy

In his role as a driver safety advocate, Horn devotes a substantial part of his work and resources to advancing driver safety by:

  • Posting driver safety alerts on social media platforms that help keep driver safety high on the public consciousness;
  • Helping traffic safety stakeholders implement effective driver safety programs that influence drivers to protect themselves, their passengers, and others on the roadway;
  • Promoting innovative solutions that help transportation authorities meet traffic safety goals, including traffic fatality reduction.

Traffic Fatality Reduction

  • Missouri Distracted Driving Prevention

    Because traditional methods of traffic safety are proving ineffective in combating the distracted driving epidemic, Horn has developed a fresh approach to distracted driving prevention.

    Instead of traffic safety messages that urge potential offenders to change their driving behavior, Horn’s campaign encourages all drivers to protect themselves against other distracted drivers. Not only does this type of message influence all drivers to drive more defensively, but it can also be used to attach a negative social stigma to using a cell phone when behind the wheel. Here is an example of one of Horn’s proposed billboards.

  • Missouri Teen Driver Protection

    Using the Drive By Example platform, Horn has developed several driver safety programs that will help protect vulnerable teen drivers from the types of collisions that cause serious injury and wrongful death.

    In addition to Drive By Example programs that strengthen parent engagement, Horn is also advocating that Missouri lawmakers institute mandatory Driver’s Safety Education in Missouri’s public high schools. This classroom based education, designed for 9th and 10th graders, would cover all aspects of driver safety, influencing teen drivers to meet their duty of exercising the highest degree of care by driving alert, buckled, and cautious.

    Here is a link parents can use to download a Driving Privileges Agreement.
    Follow this link for Horn’s Driver’s Safety Education proposed curriculum.

Media Appearances

Horn is a frequent contributor to media outlets (TV, radio, print, and online) in the following areas:

Distracted Driving Epidemic/Accidents/Prevention
Teen Driver SafetylProtection
Drinking & Driving Accidents/Prevention
Holiday Driving Risks/Alerts
Truck Safety/Accidents
Motorcycle Safety/Accidents
Missouri Driver Safety Laws

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